Sri Aiyaswamy

Sri Aiyaswamy is the VP operations, client services at Strataserv.


Sri Aiyaswamy has a high flying career in I.T consultancy. Over the last two decades, she has led many consultancy teams to success on issues like cloud data management, mobile applications, strategic marketing among others. So successful is Sri that she has rose to the position of VP operation at Strataserv. Her success stems from a deep passion for I.T and marketing.  She holds a BE in computer science and a MS in the same from the San Jose State University. These academic credentials have given her the technical know-how to perfect the art of I.T consultancy. In terms of pushing sales, Sri is a natural. She is easy to get along with, and is multilingual. Her interactions with people from all across the world have also helped her perfect her communication skills, putting her on top of the game in terms of sales and marketing. Besides her consultancy work, Sri is also into philanthropy. She regularly gives both money and her time to Leave-a-Trail, a program for kids with special needs. Sri is so dedicated to this course that she has been an active participant since 2015. That’s 4 years of dedication to philanthropic work, a huge achievement for someone who is ever on the move closing deals for her organizations.

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